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Re: [comma-dev] Release 0.1.0 of the CommaSuite project of the Eclipse Foundation

Ai, used the wrong mailing list …


From: Hooman, J.J.M. (Jozef)
Sent: vrijdag 7 mei 2021 16:56
To: 'comma-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx' <comma-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Release 0.1.0 of the CommaSuite project of the Eclipse Foundation


Dear members of the ComMA user group,


We had a successful review of the first release candidate of the CommaSuite project  by the Eclipse Foundation.


Hence the first release 0.1.0 of our open source version is now available, see    

(Or use the “Downloads” tab on  - “latest“ refers to the latest version, so release 0.1.0).


The “product” folder contains completely installed versions of Eclipse, including Java, for linux, macOS and Windows.

Download may be rather slow, we will investigate faster mirror sites later.


This version contains the basic version of ComMA, i.e., the generation of UML diagrams, Word document, and monitoring (there is a dashboard, but statistics will be added in a later release).

The User Guide in Eclipse includes a tutorial.

The source are available at


The aim is to define a new release soon with additional functionality.


Please let us know if you see points of improvements, either by mail or as an issue on the open source repository.


Best regards,










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