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[comma-dev] FW: First release of the CommaSuite project



From: Hendriks, D. (Dennis) <dennis.hendriks@xxxxxx>
Sent: vrijdag 7 mei 2021 12:00
To: Hooman, J.J.M. (Jozef) <jozef.hooman@xxxxxx>; Dams, D.R. (Dennis) <dennis.dams@xxxxxx>; Begeer, R.J. (Ronald) <ronald.begeer@xxxxxx>
Subject: RE: First release of the CommaSuite project


Hi all,


Note that is quite slow for downloads. You may want to use mirrors to download. That is, provide links using the mirror script, to your users. See e.g. It will also allow for download statistics that way.


(Note that I can’t send anything to comma-dev list, as I’m not registered, so this is not a reply to all)




From: Hooman, J.J.M. (Jozef) <jozef.hooman@xxxxxx>
Sent: vrijdag 7 mei 2021 10:38
To: comma-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx; Dams, D.R. (Dennis) <dennis.dams@xxxxxx>; Hendriks, D. (Dennis) <dennis.hendriks@xxxxxx>; Begeer, R.J. (Ronald) <ronald.begeer@xxxxxx>
Cc: Beenker, F.P.M. (Frans) <frans.beenker@xxxxxx>; Leibbrandt, G.W.R. (Wouter) <wouter.leibbrandt@xxxxxx>; Veen, L.M.F. (Laura) van <laura.vanveen@xxxxxx>; Tesser, J.J.D. (Judith) <judith.tesser@xxxxxx>; Wesselius, J.H. (Jacco) <jacco.wesselius@xxxxxx>
Subject: First release of the CommaSuite project


Release 0.1.0 of the Eclipse CommaSuite project is available now, see


The installation instructions have been simplified since it is no longer needed to install GraphViz separately.


The tooling is also available via the “Dwonloads” tab on (“latest“ refers to the latest version, so release 0.1.0).


Thanks to Koen for preparing the release and solving a few last issues. He documented the steps to create a new release in


Best regards,






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