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[comma-dev] CommaSuite release candidate

The CommaSuite release candidate 0.1.0 is now available on

For instance, the Windows product can be found at: 

There are also versions for linux and macOS.


The release contains the generation of UML diagrams, documentation, and Java-based monitoring (without statistics). The help includes, for instance, the tutorial and documentation of .event files.


Please give it a try and report issues in the CommaSuite repository


Think we also completed the required steps for the review: all dependences have been approved, the IP log has been submitted, a release review has been created, approval has been asked to the Project Management Committee (PMC) and I asked the Eclipse Management Organization (EMO) to schedule the review.


Got the following response for the EMO:

we are using a GitLab issue to track the status of this release review. Please find here the link to the corresponding issue:

This link gives an indication of the check list; note that the due date is set to May 5 (the first Wednesday of the month).


Thanks to all who contributed and provided useful support!










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