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[comma-dev] Committer Election for Redouane Darfoufi on Eclipse CommaSuite has started

A committer election for Redouane Darfoufi on project Eclipse CommaSuite
(technology.comma) was started by Jozef Hooman with this criteria:

As an employee of TNO, Redouane Darfoufi started this year on improvements
and additions of the Eclipse CommaSuite technology.
This includes a contribution to the new monitoring implementation in Java,
tests for this monitoring framework, and a conversion of the help to
asciidoc. The aim is to add these contributions to the next milestone. Since
the project is in the incubation phase and the repository became available
recently, no urls to his contributions can be provided.
Redouane will also be involved in future improvements of the Eclipse
CommaSuite technology.
Hence, it is my pleasure to nominate Redouane Darfoufi as a committer on
Eclipse CommaSuite.

Eclipse CommaSuite project committers can click the election link below to



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