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Re: [cloud-dev] Regrets for call tomorrow

Hi everyone:

A few things:
1. Wrestling with trying to get ECD pages updated with dirigible content.

2. Che will make its 3.10.1 release this week, and will probably wrap up its 3.10.x train in the next couple weeks. There are about 300 issues resolved in this release. Bit items include:

a. cut / copy / paste
b. workspace memory -- ability to reopen a workspace with the previous configuration / history remembered.
c. about 130 bug fixes
d. docker runner plug-in now officially part of package

3.11.x will be targeted for July and will focus on:
a. Tomcat 8 support
b. Factory double clicks, enabling either create new, or opening existing projects on duplicate clicks of factory urls.
c. A large number of customer requirements: maven archetype support, supporting sub-nodes as receiving context
d. Eliminating all of our transitive dependencies
e. user dashboard v2.0 beta

3. Once we get 3.10.x out the door, we will be allocating more resources to working on a bigger set of getting started tutorials. We now have eclipseche.org, and will be updating it with a library of 20 or so use cases for buidling various types of systems with Che.

4. We now have permission to make our initial commit to the Eclipse repository. We are preparing our source code to do that. We still have a large number of 3rd party CQs to work through after we make the commit. We expect our first release will be in 4-6 weeks. This release will be on 3.8.x. We will be done with the 3.10.x train at that point, so we will have to bring things up to speed after that.

5. Che 4.0 is a generational advancement focused on flexibility and performance. It will be a substantial improvement. In this version, we are removing all remnants of CodeMirror and Orion is the only editor type. It's already looking stunning. We have internal milestones now, and hope to have full beta by EclipseCon Germany. Here is a teaser - this will be the new UI.

Inline image 1

John - you have hit upon the key points for the IP issues with Eclipse. We are getting to the point where we are going to increase our release velocity, not slow it down. I can see us releasing up to 2x / week very shortly.

Tyler JewellÂ|ÂCEOÂ|Âtyler@âcodenvy.âcomÂ|Â9â78â.8â84â.53â55

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 1:31 PM, John Arthorne <John_Arthorne@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have an outside conflict tomorrow morning so I won't be able to make the scheduled Cloud PMC call. You are all welcome to have the call without me, or if there are no pressing topics we can give status updates on this list and defer until the next call?

From my perspective, I am busy ramping down Orion 9 and preparing for EclipseCon France. Also next week I will be at the Eclipse board meeting and one of the topics is improvements to our IP process. I know we discussed this on a previous call, but if you have any input you would like to give me on IP pain points I can represent that in the Board discussions. We have some unique pain points in the Cloud space with continuous delivery, fast moving dependencies, and less traditional packaging and delivery mechanisms. Please send me your thoughts on this directly.


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