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[cdt-dev] CDT Monthly Meeting Wednesday

Hello folks,

I won't be around for next week's monthly meeting. If someone wants to volunteer to run it formally, please go ahead, the agenda/minutes link is and should be editable by any signed in user on hackmd (I sign in with my GitHub account)

Note that Canada has daylight savings time change this weekend, and because the meeting time is fixed to Ottawa time the meeting will be an hour different in Europe than normal.

Even if no one runs the meeting formally, I encourage you all to get together to progress getting cdt-lsp + generating compile_commands.json into a state that we can have a first "SimRel" release of it. As a reminder, the date we should aim to have a first contribution to SimRel ready by April 8th (2024-06 M1 +1 date), and then all development needs to be complete by June 3rd (2024-06 RC2 +1 date) ahead of the release on June 12th.

We can (and probably should!) release bug fix releases as much as needed after the June 12th date, but those releases should be limited to bug fix releases if possible.

Finally, it may be time to consider doing a CDT 12 release, either coincident with the above, or perhaps after 6 months to give us time to identify what refactoring of APIs are needed to give the best long term stability.

Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

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