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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Monthly Call

Am Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2023, 19:33:53 CEST schrieb Jonah Graham via cdt-dev:
> Hello folks,
> Thanks for coming to the call today. I enjoyed the call and getting to talk

OK, I admit I should not have missed that call.

> to you all! Here are the minutes of the meeting:
>       - Renesas is looking to restart the work of compile_commands.json for
>       Managed Build project in the coming weeks

Huh, MBS is not dead? OTOH, CDT core build seem to be not really alive:-)

Parsing the compile_commands.json file for better support of the indexer is 
already part of CDT in class 

If Renesas is willing to throw in man-power for better indexer support and 
cmake support by MBS, they might want to save afford.
- My MBS-based cmake4eclipse plugin shows how to integrate the 
CompileCommandsJsonParser.class into MBS for indexer support.
- Renesas could decide to become co-maintainers of cmake4eclipse (or adopt its 
parser for CDT).

Anyway, IMHO the problems with MBS are:
- It is an experiment to generate build scripts based on stuff edited in a 
- Its GUI (and default makefile-build-script-generator) allows users to 
specify to build *one* artifact per project only. Gives top user-experience 
for a hello-world project, but if your project is 'Compiler with its 
accompinying runtime libs' it gets cumbersome.
- MBS theoretically allows vendors to integrate a build-script-generator that 
gets its configuration from a file but users will still be be confused by 
project property tabs that have no effect (e.g. *project artifact* settings)

Cd wrttn wtht vwls s mch trsr.

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