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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT Call Wednesday

Hello folks,

Thanks all for attending - great discussions today and I have captured the high level decision in the minutes:


  • CDT 11.3.0 Status

  • CDT LSP status + 1.0.0 release

    • The final PR to get integrated for 1.0.0 is the preferences refactor
    • Once above PR is merged the 1.0.0 release will be made
  • Future of C/C++ Project View

    • The Issue 523 will be converted to a deprecate and deletion of the C/C++ Project view. Initially marking the view as deprecated in the UI with a N&N entry, followed by an eventual deletion of the code following deprecate and deletion policy
    • Action (Jonah): Mark view as deprecated and do the paperwork (according to policy) so it can be removed in the future
  • remove reexports and handling of freemarker

    • See for context
    • Decision in the meeting was to update freemarker to be package imports and remove the require bundle + reexport. That may lead to a some rare breakages for anyone that was relying on the reexport, but otherwise updating freemarker bundle is identified as API breakage anyway. This needs a N&N/API entry or similar.
  • AOB

    • John led a discusson on how to handle Source Code files under a Binary nodes in the Project Explorer.
Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

On Wed, 13 Sept 2023 at 08:23, Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello folks,

We have our monthly CDT call today. I look forward to seeing everyone there, everyone is welcome, committers and the whole community.


  1. Welcome and sign yourself in
  2. Actions from last meeting
  3. CDT 11.3.0 status
  4. CDT LSP status
  5. Sign off CDT LSP 1.0.0 release today
  6. C/C++ Project View future -
  7. Any other business?

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Jonah Graham (he/him)
Kichwa Coders

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