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[cdt-dev] Multiple build configurations for CMake Core build projects

Hi Folks,

Is there any way to handle multiple build configurations(Debug/Release/Custom) for CMake Core build projects? 

New CMake "Build Settings" tab allows us to configure specific CMake arguments(Additional CMake arguments, Build command, etc), and allow us "duplicate" and create a new configuration. However, everything is getting saved to the same "default" CMake configuration(ICBuildConfiguration). Though there are multiple launch configurations getting created all of them are referring to the same build configuration.

so, how do I manage multiple build configurations with different CMake build commands from Eclipse CDT? 

One way I could think of is to map the launch configuration and build the configuration and save it <ILaunchConfiguration, ICBuildConfiguration>

Any pointers on this would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

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