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[cdt-dev] Test stability

Hi folks,

Over the last couple of weeks I did a big push to stabilize the test suite with the goal of every run getting a green tick. The stability of the build changed quite a bit for the worse with Java 17 + GitHub actions. This change exposed problems, mostly in the test suites, but some actual bugs have been fixed too.

The GitHub actions runs the test suite much faster than Jenkins, so I have turned off Jenkins checks on PRs now as it is redundant.

As part of this I improved and expanded the testing document so that others can reproduce issues better.

There is one sort-of-breaking change. I removed all the JUnit3 test suites. See for more details on that.

Please raise new issues if you see an unstable test and I'll try to fix it.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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I have now fixed - or at least made a change which I think fixes - every flaky test that I have seen in the past few weeks.

Please raise new issues if you see other flaky tests. I would like to keep this number to 0 so that all PRs get green checks.

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