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[cdt-dev] Managed Build rebuilding whole folder when options of one file change

In (Feb 2021), the Managed Build makefile generation was changed to add as a prerequisite of all object files. That seems sensible, since contains the compiler options, and when these change, the affected object files should be rebuilt. However, it has the effect that changing the compiler options for a *single* file causes *all* files in the same folder to be unnecessarily rebuilt, since they all depend on the same that has changed. I am getting complaints from users about that, as it greatly increases the build time in our typical projects where most source files are in the same folder. Apparently changing the optimization settings of single files is often done during debugging.

Torbjörn, any thoughts about that?

Was there any actual problem that was solved by this change? The steps you list in Bugzilla also work for me without it. The internal rebuildState/CommonBuilder.performCleanning magic (despite all its flaws) seems to handle those cases correctly by deleting the affected object file (and only that one). (You list "steps to reproduce" and "expected result", but no "actual result" before the change.)

I am tempted to revert this change in our product and see if that results in different complaints from users (too few things being rebuilt in some cases).


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