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[cdt-dev] Last few days for CDT 10.7.0 development

Hello folks,

It is the last few days for CDT 10.7.0 development. Ideally RC1 should be today, but can be slipped to Wednesday if needed, and RC2 (the final one) is next week.

Here are the still open bugs targeting this release:

574110CDTcdt-debucdt-debug-inboxREOP---Variable view formatting floating point types differently than expected2022-05-03
579666CDTcdt-othetorbjorn.svenssonASSI---Dark theme is not respected by several CDT dialogs2022-05-17
579892CDTcdt-coredominic.scharfeASSI---Mark occurrences doesn't work with CEditor embedded in a multi page editor2022-05-11
580009CDTcdt-builwilliam.rileyASSI---Resource configurations do not load correctly for build definitions with toolchain level optionsFri 11:58
580015CDTcdt-coreevil_bandit_betamaxASSI---Build Configuration should support multiple Binary ParsersThu 11:31
580037CDTcdt-parsdavmacASSI---Constexpr evaluation support for various builtins: ctz, popcount, parity, abs

PS As a reminder, I try to follow the steps in the CDT endgame checklist


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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