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Re: [cdt-dev] needs updating

Hi Moritz,

Sorry you ran into this. There is a window after a release (which was on Wednesday) where some or all of our dependent URLs get changed. Until someone starts the dev process for the next release and fixes it up there is a problem. If you normally rebase around a release, you are much more likely likely to hit this window. 

Someone needs to run through the checklist to prepare the repo, the 10.6.0 one hasn't been created yet. The 10.5.0 one at should be copied into a new issue and updated. Each of my milestone build announcements contains a link to this checklist. Anyone is welcome to run through part/or all of the list. I normally get around to it a week or so after a release. 

There is a CI build that runs, and is currently failing, but someone has to act on it

Sorry this disrupted your flow today. 


On Tue., Dec. 14, 2021, 04:45 Moritz Strübe, <moritz.struebe@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

seems like the needs updating.
After replacing
things work again.

For someone, who only sporadically works on CDT this is a bit
frustrating. Especially as as it took some random switching between
targets, rebuilding and restarting Eclipse for things to suddenly start
working again.

Would it be possible to run a nightly build to detect those issues? Or
am I always rebasing shortly after the old packages are deleted from the

Tanks a lot!

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