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[cdt-dev] eclipse rcp mac os app signing

Hello All,

I am trying to app sign eclipse RCP using "eclipse-macsigner-plugin".  However, this is getting failed due to is not accessible.

Is there any alternative code signing service for this or any other approach I could get this done? 

The reason why I wanted to do app signing rcp is - I was unable to launch generated rcp .app file. It shows an error message "... app is damaged and can't be opened. You should move to the bin". 

Here is the error log from the build:

[DEBUG] Will send HTTP request HttpRequest{serverUri=, file=@/Users/kondal/test/idf-eclipse-plugin/releng/com.espressif.idf.product/target/products/com.espressif.idf.product/macosx/cocoa/x86_64/, entitlements=@/Users/kondal/esp/idf-eclipse-plugin/releng/com.espressif.idf.product/macos/product.entitlements}

[DEBUG] HTTP request configuration is Config{connectTimeout=PT5S, readTimeout=PT0S, timeout=PT5M}

[DEBUG] HTTP request and response handled in 3.969 ms

[WARNING] An exception has been thrown, but the request will be retried (attempt 2 / 3) nodename nor servname provided, or not known

    at (Native Method)

Here is the pom script:






















Thank you all.

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