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Re: [cdt-dev] JUnit 4 or 5

On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 4:00 PM Jan Baeyens <jan@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My 2 cents: I was considering to move to JUnit5 as a testcase but due to this tweet I stopped considering (for now)

Eclipse Platform runs tests against installed Eclipse via which is tightly coupled to TestSuites. But this is unique setup which I'm not aware of anyone else using. Most other projects run JUnit tests at build time via Maven/Tycho (like CDT does) and for this case TestSuites are not needed as tycho finds out the tests to run. Actually having test suites and not specifying what exactly to run in pom.xml leads to executing every testcase twice.
With all that said I've moved and I'm moving projects to JUnit 5 except for Eclipse Platform due to the unique requirement there. Hope that helps in making informed decisions :)


Op 20/12/2020 om 1:33 schreef Jonah Graham:
Hi folks,

I want to solicit input and experience gained from others on this question from Bug 569839:

To implement test skipping for the flaky tests in Bug 499777 I wanted to just
add a line like:

Assume.assumeFalse("Skipping flaky test",

and then the gerrit builds could run with -DskipFlakyTests=true so that we can
get less false negatives, but still have the tests run as part of cdt-master.

However Assume is not available in JUnit3.

The question is should we update straight to JUnit5 (aka Jupiter) or just to
JUnit4 (like I did in

Please let me know what you think.


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