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Re: [cdt-dev] Eclipse IDE CDT C++ 17 and Profiler integration

Hi Fellow CDT-devers,

I have provided some basic answers for Lakshmana (below) - but more input is welcome and desired.

On Wed, 20 Jan 2021 at 14:07, Lakshman <lakshman97@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear eclipse IDE developers,

I wanted to check w/ you on the following,

1. C++17, and C++20 editor/syntax highlighter and debug support in CDT - What is eclipse community plan/roadmap in supporting this feature?? Is Language Server Protocol(LSP) integrated w/ eclipse?? What is your recommendation in supporting this feature in CDT directly Vs using LSP, any open source C++ plugin which we can leverage/integrate directly or w/ LSP for enabling C++17, and C++20 support in eclipse IDE

At the moment there is no plan/roadmap for C++17/C++20. Some individual contributors have been working hard in their free time to provide improvements, but adding C++17/C++20 support in full to Eclipse CDT is a large effort that is currently not resourced. There are lots of individual companies interested in this work - but what is needed in the first instance is someone to take the lead on language support.

The general consensus is that going forward language support should be provided via LSP. There is some experimental work[1] in CDT on integrating language servers in with the rest of CDT. 

Lakshmana, What would it take for you and colleagues at Qualcomm to lead such an effort? Some other companies signing up to do some of the work? Something else?


2. Profiler Integration w/ eclipse – does eclipse provides native support for integration of profilers into eclipse IDE. Do we have something like Debug Adaptor protocol to integrate profilers into eclipse IDE ??

Open source C/C++ profiler integration is handled by two other projects in the Eclipse ecosystem, Linuxtools provides integration for gprof style profiling[1] and Trace Compass provides advanced visualization tools. There are commercial third party tools as well, but I consider that outside of the scope here.





Thanks and regards

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