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[cdt-dev] Committer Election for Torbjörn Svensson on Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) has started

A committer election for Torbjörn Svensson on project Eclipse C/C++
Development Tooling (CDT) (tools.cdt) was started by Jonah Graham with this

Torbjörn has lots of knowledge of Eclipse CDT and has been working in the
embedded space for many years. He has contributed many improvements over the
last few years, including a big push this year to cleanup and improve large
parts of the code base, especially the natives.

In addition to the many (80+) commits already in CDT, he participates in
reviews, discussions on the mailing list and identifying and reviewing old

I would be delighted to have Torbjörn join the Eclipse CDT team to continue
to improve CDT, keep it maintainable and improve it in the future.

Here is some of the work that Torbjörn has done:

80+ commits:
$ git log -i --author=Svensson --oneline
05322656c6 Bug 539927: Do not mark "Removing unused section" lines as errors
0f3214ace9 Bug 569353: The mode output from ld is not an error
fb20df887a Bug 569300: Allow custom build option editors to save the value
293998da18 Bug 568228: Add a way for DSF Data Model to initiate refresh all
7818b0f921 Bug 568228: Ensure no duplicated classes are registered
163ae5f819 Bug 568228: Use lambda and for-each loop
6b8efb9651 Bug 568228: Corrected spelling of fListener
4187a6e828 Use clickable links in the MD viewer and highlight paths
e632011f2c Bug 568728: Drop execute permission on files
8b391a7f3a Bug 568079: Reducing transitions from JAVA to native code (part 2)
d0c3b2aaff Bug 568079: Reducing transitions from JAVA to native code (part 1)
7d7d21cc67 Bug 568079: Reuse existing way of fetching data from registry
1d226f9273 Bug 568397: Hide "Build settings" if using custom command
60bdeb63ca Bug 568079: Fix potential buffer overflows
7f7a310c07 Bug 568079: Warnings as errors
1d2946184a Bug 568079: Hook into Eclipse tracing system for native code
35530c50ef Bug 568079: Rework spawner to avoid memory leaks on Win32
c598eedffa Bug 568079: Cleanup of native code
2857a7a0b3 Bug 568079: Do not require rebuild of natives to enable/disable
6431307e70 Bug 568079: Reformat source code using clang-format
7f10dce12f Bug 568079: Remove unneded DllMain (does nothing)
908aa33b91 Bug 568079: Activate -Wall -pedantic and fix warnings
570c5b7ff0 Bug 568079: No need to check for NULL before free()
3ae7b88630 Bug 568079: Add missing bracers
82bc0b67e5 Bug 568079: Removed generate method comment from implementation
9a440e0b44 [releng] Return exit code from GCC in wrapper
c5a53bb7fe Bug 568079: Format C/C++ code
0429be17e1 [releng] Report more than one failed bundle per invocation
5249144c8c Bug 521515: Build ppc64le libraries on HIPP
f7c173377d Fixed potential NPE
5d91f6f847 Ensure file is closed
222a963f44 Minor updates to bundles to have proper translations
4376632208 Fixed "Dead code" compiler warning
f6016c5e0b Fixed "The value for X attribute is not externalized" warning
5779b04e6b Fixed "Key X is not found in localization properties file" warning
1f069898cf Fixed "Build entries must contain at least one value" warning
cb9249314a Fixed "An entry for plugin.xml is required in bin.includes"
1c448e748e Fixed "An entry for OSGI-INF/ is required in bin.includes" warning
8e42cc8b7b Cleanup of PTY class
38e970a45d Fixed "Unnecessary semicolon" compile warning
07b50ba2a2 Bug 521515: Do not rely on commit date for reproducible builds
e4e1f6780d Bug 565628: Unify line endings for memory block configuration
5a3d2e744b Bug 521515: Also build pty.dll if host is Windows
09582630d7 Bug 521515: Do not log every failed access attempt
2d03236339 Bug 521515: Build pty.dll in docker
a025f75771 Bug 521515: Generate JNI header files as part of build
49dc726dd1 Bug 521515: Use channel object for native stream access
0ede7c7a60 Bug 534105: Only files are allowed to be executed
00a52086c9 Bug 521515: Adopt native build support on jenkins
69acfe4819 Bug 521515: Align directory name of native source code
c58603dfbe Bug 521515 - Access Windows registry using JNA
36ec703c2f Bug 521515 - List running tasks using JNA on win32
803d6cd8ad Fixed NLS warnings and removed excess semicolon
1073159011 Only validate features committed to git
6e19332c33 Mark exe and dll files as executable
46316a1b62 Throw an exception rather than return null on error
39d3bfcc4f Fixed NLS warnings, potential NPE and removed excess semicolon
3d218e99c7 Fixed NLS warnings
0391d6ccf1 Fixed NLS and null warnings
718156aa6b Fixed NLS warnings
0798984bc8 Bug 564553 - Restore mimicking label for LLDB
9043b4b511 Corrected plugin id to
1a4736c725 Bug 564553: Fetch the path to GDB from GdbLaunch
ef2ee6df71 Bug 564257: Respect commandGenerator and applicabilityCalculator
36de92cc77 Bug 495661 - Period is a valid symbol in a section name
65eee1c0b0 Bug 560636 - Fix a small potential race
a0963136f8 Mark ToolchainBuiltinSpecsDetector.getTool(String) protected
092b4ed3cf [releng] Add missing Bundle-Vendor to plugins
6bd29843f2 Bug 552158 - Filter out commented lines in init and run comamnds
e6de0c9385 Bug 551817 - Add about.html to src.includes for plugins
63e37acaac Bug 550702: Fixed memory leak in SerialPort.open0()
764e42ef50 Bug 482946: Implement InputStream.available()
1c4271836b Bug 550697: Also set DCB.Parity=NOPARITY on Windows
4c605d68c5 Bug 542436 - Added method to override whitch IGDBBackend instance
to control
aef0eaee8c Bug 539882: Applicability calculator should be called with option
a7b0a1fe80 Bug 535024: Use deviceId for determine JTAG probe
4881a2ecd4 Bug 330204 - Use ManagedBuildManager to build
72a51e79d9 Bug 533766 - Deadlock at IDE shutdown with active debug session
864b305ff4 Bug 533379 - Only add space when appropriate
47d08ec204 Bug 533473 - Dynamically hide option categories

And here is a search for all the CDT Bugs that he has participated in

Please join me in voting for Torbjörn to join Eclipse CDT as a new

Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) project committers can click the
election link below to vote.



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