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[cdt-dev] General API to retreive a Memory Block from different targets

Hi all,


I'm trying to use DSF to handle the debugging aspects of my custom C/C++ developer RCP.


I would like to develop a plug-in that would allow to extract information from a debugging session independently from the source: for instance I could debug either using a debugger that rely on the TCF protocol, or using a GDB server on target. I noticed that both those “debug options” possess a CDT DSF extension available.


One of my use case is to extract a Memory Block during a debug session, without having to duplicate any code for one or the other debug option. I searched for a common API in the Eclipse platform and in the CDT source code, but so far I was not able to find any leads. I am using CDT 9.8 in Eclipse 2019-06.


Best regards and thanks in advance,


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