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Re: [cdt-dev] Eclipse CPP 2020-06 with Java8

Hi Alexander,

This is a known issue. While CDT 9.11 and Eclipse 2020-06 does not require Java 11 to run, a workaround is needed to support installation in Java 8. See "Installing CDT 9.11.* on Eclipse 2020-06 and later requires a workaround when using Java 8" section in the N&N page, quoted here for your convenience:

CDT 9.11 only requires Java 8 to run. However a new feature in Eclipse 2020-06 and later means that the install wizard may prevent installation. The workaround is to disable "Verify provisioning operation is compatible with currently running JRE" in Windows -> Preferences -> Install/Update. See Bug 564407.

Starting with CDT 10 Java 11 or greater will be required. See CDT/User/NewIn100

Thanks for taking the time to reach out.

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Wed, 21 Oct 2020 at 06:56, Alexander Koptelov <alexandre.koptelov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 1:51 PM Alexander Koptelov <alexandre.koptelov@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

As far as I know, Eclipse CPP 2020-06 / CDT 9.11 should still support Java 8, so I tried to install our product on top of Eclipse CPP 2020-06. The installation had failed (with different errors, depending on the way I did that). Let's say that the obvious alternative of using Java 11 is not applicable right now.

Here is the very simple P2 that can be used to see similar discrepancies when installing to that Eclipse version.

When installing it using Eclipse Install New Software the process goes fine, but after restart Eclipse reports an error (and many NPEs in log). To me it seems that it is caused by "Latest Eclipse Release" entry in available installation sites that allow some stuff from 2020-09 to be installed and that might require Java 11. If that site is disabled, I have a dependency problem reported by installation wizard:

  Cannot complete the install because some dependencies are not satisfiable
  Software being installed: a.jre.javase 9.0.0
  Software currently installed: C/C++ Autotools support (
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: C/C++ Autotools support (
    To: org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu; [,]
  Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: Template Engine Freemarker Support (Java 11) (
    To:; (&(

Any ideas on how to proceed with this without migrating to Java 11?

Thanks in advance,

Alexander Koptelov

Alexander Koptelov
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