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Re: [cdt-dev] Getting started with CDT development

Great to see you picked up the habit of improving the documentation.

My 2 cent  on your questions (as a non-committer and relatively new to this area)

I only got things to work with the oomph path. I have been told that this is not the way contributors do it.

I did not see the problems you saw with oomph

Though the oomph installer is great, my advice is not to use the oomph recorder

I agree oomph should be the first recommended setup because new users are better of with oomph.

Best regards


Op 8/10/2020 om 22:18 schreef Homer, Tony:

I am setting up my workspace according to

I made some minor updates to the page as I worked through it.

I decided to try both paths.

  1. Set everything up manually
  2. Using Oomph


Using Oomph is definitely faster, so I’d like to rearrange the page to put that at the top.

I have a mostly working workspace with Oomph, whereas my manual approach is still on 10s of thousands of errors, refreshing target platform, setting API baselines, etc.

I’m sure I’ll get there eventually with the manual approach, but the Oomph approach is much more efficient.


The Using Oomph section says to ask questions here if errors occur.

I have a few comments.


First, I did run into errors while setting up with Oomph, but was mostly able to resolve them simply by clicking back and next.  I imagine this was due to some requests timing out and eventually everything resolved.  I added a note to the wiki suggesting to do this as a troubleshooting step.  It seems fine to me, but I wanted to call it out in case anyone cares to comment.  I’d be happy to go through the install a few times in order to capture more detailed information.


Second, I have a very simple but strange error which I can work around, but I wanted to call it out.
Project 'org.eclipse.cdt.meson.ui.editor' is missing required source folder: 'src/'

I can simply remove the src folder from the build, but this modifies the classpath vs. what is checked in, which makes me doubt this approach.

Is there something I should do other than remove the src folder from the build path?



Tony Homer

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