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[cdt-dev] Remove QT plug-ins from CDT

Hello folks,

Does anyone use the QT plug-ins and know that they work? If so, I could use a test case.

The qml parser tests have never been enabled* since the tern.js implementation was added and the parser tests don't work on my machine.

There are many features in the QT plug-ins, but if nothing really works I don't want to leave them in giving a false sense to the users. I am also worried about worse as the Java 15 release has just shown. The QT plug-ins cause pop-up errors on startup for all users who have them installed and run with Java 15, even if there is no Qt use in the workspace.

Please share your thoughts. I am adding this to the agenda for the monthly meeting too.

Jonah added tern.js version of parser and disabled tests. 

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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