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[cdt-dev] Why does CDT require JUnit tests to be run through a testsuite?

Hi all,

is was a bit annoyed when I added Junit test classes and realized that these are not picked up by the build automatically. Instead the CDT parent pom requires me to write an additional testsuite classes to pick up and run the tests.

Are the test suites required to create nicely section testreports in HTML format?

IIRC, it was Junit 2 that required tests to be organized in a hierarchy of test suites with the actual test classes as leaves. Since Junit 3, the test-runner does pick up any individual test class and can run it.

The line in the top-level pom that forces developers to add extra test-suite classes is the non-default
The default pattern of the surefire-plugin [1] will pick up test classes directly, no test-suite classes required.

Can we get rid of the extra test-suite classes?


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