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[cdt-dev] Clipboard copy / past off popup menu

Hi everyone,


This is my first post and I’m not sure if I’m posting to the right mailing list.


I inherited a plugin development project and I’m learning my way through the code and Eclipse plugin development.  So if my question is not and use of terms is not clear let me know.


Our application uses IClipboardSupportFactory to take care of copy / past that are on the menu-bar.  We also have code that provides copy / past function off a popup menu.  This code is NOT invoking the same copy / past that code that gets used from the menu-bar copy / past, i.e. IClipboardSupportFactory.  Instead, it is using our own class that inherits from GlobalAction and it has a different logic for copy / past which is only copying and pasting the UI elements not the underlying metadata of our application associated with the UI elements.


My question to the group is this, when I create my popup-menu how do I add to IMenuManager the copy / past handlers of IClipboardSupportFactory?  If I can do this, then a copy / past action from the popup-menu’s copy / past selection will do the right thing.


Btw, using the short-cut keys of Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V is working.  They invoke the copy / past handler off IClipboardSupportFactory.




-- George


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