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Re: [cdt-dev] Broken CDT builds

Thanks, Tony!

Created to track the effort.


09.04.2020 9:09, Homer, Tony пишет:

Just poking around a bit in ptp git/gerritt/ci.


Looks like the last merged change and build for ptp/remote was January 27 and it is available here:

Doesn’t look like ptp ci would have deployed to a 2020-03-M2.

Maybe someone had manually copied to 3.0/2020-03-M2 or made a link?


Seems like you could temporarily point to nightly, since it seems to be the only game in town right now.

Sorry, probably not super helpful, but sharing in case it might save a little legwork.





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Subject: [cdt-dev] Broken CDT builds


Hello folks,


One of our dependencies has changed URLs. I'll try to fix tomorrow morning, but feel free to jump on it if you can before then.


We were using

But that has gone away. Probably worth checking simrel to see what the update there is and match it. 


Cc'ed PTP-dev in the hope they can tell us new url. 




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