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Re: [cdt-dev] Elf Profiling and potential improvements

Hello Matthew,

Thanks a lot for sharing the result of your work with community!
The idea to switch to "iterable" style is definitely the right step forward. We already started a discussion regarding implementation details in Gerrit.

As for API - we have an opportunity to make it much better, as we plan a major version bump (to 10.0) in September.
I suggest to start working on the new API in the (not yet created) "org.eclipse.cdt.binutils" bundle - current implementation may depend on it but not vice-versa.

The idea of "org.eclipse.cdt.binutils" is to focus on utilities for binaries itself (.elf, .dwarf, others), without involving CDT Core, UI and so on. Ideally it should not have any dependency that requires OSGi running. Yes, to be CLI-friendly. Then we can add "org.eclipse.cdt.binutils.workspace" to integrate with IWorkspace, "org.eclipse.cdt.binutils.jface" - to provide preferences, wizards and editors, and so on.
Why? To keep our dependencies clear and to avoid the fate of the current CDT Core/CDT UI.


03.04.2020 6:28, Matthew Khouzam пишет:
Hello world,

I have been profiling CDT's elf parser, and have found some opportunities. Now please understand, I was torture testing it to make sure it works with Trace Compass for some upcoming feature ideas I was going to pitch, I'm just hoping to help more than myself with this effort.

I was testing an embedded system with a 1 GB executable. Why? in case someone else does that. Elf parsing works well and scaled OK. But the memory requirements are a bit high.

Basically the parser loads every symbol into an array then sorts it. See image below for a "smaller" test with 60k functions.

I have made a quick patch to allow iteration through the elf file instead of reading it all in one block. This is useful when you want to make a map of symbols to trace segments. 

I have questions about the API of that file though, it has many public/protected fields that kind of limit its modify-ability, what would be the CDT friendly way to improve it?

My endgame would be to have an iterator on the executable that gives all the symbols, not necessarily in order so an extender can use it with more degrees of freedom.



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