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Re: [cdt-dev] One of the reasons why wndows support is not so great.

Did you try to use forward slashes (Unix path separators)? AFAIK, the
windows filesystem functions accept forward slashes, too.
Well cmd.exe is a different thing:-)

Am Do., 20. Feb. 2020 um 15:20 Uhr schrieb Jan Baeyens <jan@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all
> I have created a bug report that creates some unlikely to happen and  hard to understand behaviour that is most likely to happen on windows os.
> When working with environment variables \ is used to avoid macro expansion.
> Because of that something like
> ${ProjDirPath}\${ConfigName}
> will not expand ConfigName
> also
> ${ProjDirPath}${DirectoryDelimiter}${ConfigName}
> will not expand correctly on windows because DirectoryDelimiter will expand to \ before ConfigName is handled.
> Though I think the code could be improved so that at least ${ProjDirPath}${DirectoryDelimiter}${ConfigName} works properly the real issue is that the use of \ as escape key is a bad choice in windows environment variables.
> As to the impact of (not) changing the escape key. I fear the key is at least used by CDT gnu managed build. But more importantly, replacing \ by another key will cause compatibility issues. Keeping it will mean: "remaining with occasional weird windows problems"
> Jantje
> PS Don't get me wrong, I do not think this is a urgent issue. It is however important to understand windows specific issues.
> I worked around it by doing the expansion myself
>         //work around needed because of
>         //it should have been
>         //A.BUILD.PATH={ProjDirPath}{DirectoryDelimiter}{ConfigName}
>         // in pre_processing_platform_default.txt
>         String buildPath=confDesc.getProjectDescription().getProject().getLocation().append(confDesc.getName()).toOSString();
>         setBuildEnvironmentVariable(contribEnv, confDesc, "A.BUILD.PATH", buildPath);
>         //end of workaround
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