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[cdt-dev] Adding language settings providers to built-in project types

Hi all,

I've created a LanguageSettingsProvider, and I want its contributions to be used by default for CDT's C and C++ projects whenever my settingsProvider's plugin is installed. Ideally I want it to be used by all configurations, including Release, Debug, and any other configurations that might be contributed from elsewhere, but I don't know what those configs might be.

The CDT developer's FAQ says

"In order to get providers created for new projects with New Project Wizard - use org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.buildDefinitions extension point to associate the provider with your project type. Specify attribute "languageSettingsProviders" for element "configuration" or "toolchain"."

However, I'm not defining the project type, configuration or toolchain that I want to be part of (most of those are defined by cdt). Is it possible to add my settingsProvider to those project types/configurations/toolchains using the plugin.xml file in the settingsProvider's plugin?

If so, can anyone provide an example of how, or where it's done?



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