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[cdt-dev] state of affairs for Signals Viewer in CDT?

Hi All,


Would anyone be able to speak to the current state/direction of the Signals Viewer in CDT. Looking through the archive it sounds as though support for the the Signals Viewer was never added to DSF (this dates all the way back to 2010), at the time it was supported in the CDI gdb integration, the parity exercise in moving towards DSF seems to have identified the Signals Viewer having usability issues under CDI, and deemed low priority for adding support for it to DSF. With the removal of CDI from CDT 9, I’m left with the impression that the SignalsViewer is an entirely abandoned view that is still packaged? In which case is there a valid bug there for its removal?


Is there an equivalent functionality to the signals viewer in CDT today, for a user of CDT wishing to change how the debugger handles a signal is there a current recommended approach? Is there any appetite to re-enable the Signals Viewer for DSF, or for a pull request that would do that?


Below are the relevant threads I was able to dig up through the archive and the forums: (2009 question about the signals view being empty, responded with

with the explanation no support for it in DSF, only CDI)


Threads from April 2010, discussing the priority of support for the signal view in DSF as part of the parity exercise against CDI.



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