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Re: [cdt-dev] Help with Cmake

Hi Marco,

I looked through "org.eclipse.cdt.cmake*" bundles and did not found any Eclipse-specific management for cmake project at the moment. The only suspect place is project creation - please have a look at org.eclipse.cdt.cmake.core.CMakeProjectGenerator#generate and file a bug if it is wrong.


29.12.2019 19:51, marco пишет:
Hi guys,

first time I try to use the Cmake project so maybe I'm missing something, my problem: I have a project with a src folder and several subfolders. I created a Cmake project called "Test", I copied my src folder in the project, I started CMake gui from Eclipse project properties, I selected "Test/src" as source folder containing my CMakeLists.txt and "Test/build" as build directory. Everything is ok but when from Eclipse I use the build project I receive an error because CMakeLists.txt cannot be found "Test". Then I tried to move CMakeLists.txt from "Test/src" to "Test". It works but since I need to use "Test" as source folder and "Test/build" as build folder, I receive a warning about the build position, it shouldn't be a "child" of the source directory. Is it a bug about how Eclipse manage the project?

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