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[cdt-dev] future of Arduino specific support in CDT

Hello folks,

A while back Doug spent quite a bit of effort adding specific Arduino support into CDT. There are a few plug-ins that integrate Eclipse CDT with the Arduino ecosystem, allowing for example to download Arduino packages.

At the moment this set of bundles is not being maintained by any active commiter. People are still using it, and bugs are being reported against it. The latter is a very big positive as I see it as it means that users are interested enough to report bugs against the software - some even with workarounds and detailed instructions on how to reproduce.

Can someone have a look at some of these:

Bug 558307 - Project clean rule unable to remove file (contains a probable fix)
Bug 552861 & Bug 552354 - Arduino Download Manager issues
Bug 543699 - Simple project that compiles with legacy Arduous IDE, but not Eclipse plug-ins (contains a simple example project)

The full list of open bugs is: cdt-arduino bugs


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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