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[cdt-dev] Custom language.settings.xml file is not allways applied on project open

Hello cdt developers,


I am investigating an issue that randomly occurs on our side on eclipse for linux, with CDT 9.4.3.

I am trying to reproduce it on windows, latest cdt, but I have a bit different behavior. Could it be a cdt bug ?  a race condition maybe.


We are generating programmatically some cdt projects based on existing templates, including the .settings/language.settings.xml files, and leave the project closed after creation.


Then, when a project is open, our custom language settings are not always applied, and sometimes even removed.


I investigated the problem and I found that

it happens because it sometimes checks too early if .settings/language.settings.xml file exists, maybe before some refresh jobs finishes, and the file is not accessible as a resource, so isStoreInProjectAreaExist=false, and it loads defaults configuration for language settings.


The loadLanguageSettings() is called

And it checks


loadLanguageSettings () {

IFile storeInPrjArea = getStoreInProjectArea(project);

boolean isStoreInProjectAreaExist = storeInPrjArea.exists();


// and based on result it loads default language settigns or custom from existing .settings/language.settings file

if (isStoreInProjectAreaExist) {

                        System.out.println("    >>> Load from xml file"); . . .

} else {

                        System.out.println("   >>> Load default"); . . .




That is a sample of jobs/processes that are running:


A bad sample, when our language settings is not applied:



A good sample when our custom language settings is applied:



It goes well when the job ‘Discover compiler build-in language settings’ is executed and in Project properties -> C/C++ General -> Preprocessor Include Paths, macros   Page we can see configuration from our custom language.setttings.xml



I am not sure yet what process it depends on, but if I wait a bit and re-request value for boolean isStoreInProjectAreaExist = storeInPrjArea.exists();, it returns desired true value.

Could you please help me with this?


I will try to reproduce it in eclipse oxygen, with cdt 9.4.3 on windows.



Thank you

Kind Regards



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