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Re: [cdt-dev] Get content of PDOM file in human readable form

Hi Sadik,

I don't have any immediate answer to this - but if no one else can give you an answer I will look into it a little more for you. I really like the idea of this. Indeed one long simmering idea I have had is if you can set up a CI machine to build the index for each git commit and store it then you can start with a built index for each commit.

One thing you could try is do a C/C++ search and see if anything comes up - with the options available it may be that you can enter a search term that essentially returns anything in the index.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Thu, 5 Dec 2019 at 04:12, Sadik Özoguz <soezoguz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everybody,

Our customers work with large projects that reside on a server. Our
Eclipse Plugin allows them to connect to the server and see all the
files as if they were located locally.
Now I want to generate the Index on the server (because it's faster) and
copy the generated PDOM file to the local workspace. I'm using the
ExportProjectProvider and ReadOnlyPDOMProvider extensions to export and
import the file.

I'm struggling to detect whether the index has been generated correctly.
When I try "Open Call Hierarchy" on a file, it says "The file ... is
currenty not part of the index." The problem could occur when generating
the index (e.g. stored incorrect file locations) or when reading the
index file (e.g. converting file locations incorrectly). It's also
possible that the information I'm looking for (when testing with "go to
declaration" or "call hierarchy") is missing in the index. Because the
PDOM file is a binary, I can't see that. The linux command 'strings
index.pdom' doesn't really help.

Is there a way to get a human readable form of the PDOM file contents so
that I can easily see whether or not the content is generated correctly?

To generate the Index I'm currently using the Eclipse Application
GeneratePDOM which prints a lot of information during generation (which
files are added, which symbols are unresolved and so on). But that
doesn't really help me. I'd like to 'see' the actual generated PDOM
file. Is there a way? Or maybe there is a good explanation on the pdom
format so that I can write a script that finds the information I need?

best regards,

Sadik Özoguz
Verified Systems International GmbH
Geschäftsführerin Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Zahlten
HR B 18341 Amtsgericht Bremen
Am Fallturm 1
28359 Bremen, Germany
mail: soezoguz@xxxxxxxxxxx
tel:   +49 421 572 04-286
fax:   +49 421 572 04-22

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