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[cdt-dev] testing changes to cross compiling native code in CDT

Hello folks,

Short version: Can a Mac user please test my change?



As most of you know there is some native code in CDT. The current flow requires contributors/committers who want to modify this native code to have complete native development environments for Linux, Windows and Mac. This has meant that it has been harder than it should be to make changes to this code.

The goal is to have all the native code built on our CI machines and as such I have updated our Docker image to Ubuntu 18.04 and installed on it all the tools needed to cross compile for win32-64, macosx and (natively) for Linux. I have started with the small serial library that is in CDT to see if this flow works. 

Over the past weeks I have discussed offline with a few of you this upcoming change which I hope to roll out. I have now implemented building the serial dll/so/jnilib and I would like it if possible for a few people to test this change to make sure it works. I have checked on my Windows 10 and Ubuntu machines. But I don't have access to a Mac, so would really appreciate it if someone can test on Mac.

The P2 site with CDT with this change is:

An example way to test this is:
1. Download and run
2. Connect a serial device to your computer
3. Test your serial connection before trying out the new code *
4. Update your install using the above P2 site
5. Restart Eclipse and test again
6. Report back to one of these places:
- send me an email
- comment on bug 521515

* one way to test:
- plug in some dev board with serial port
- press Open a Terminal: 
- Enter connection properties
- Test the serial port in the Terminal view

Thank you for your help on this. I am hoping to add this change to M2 on Monday, so please let me know.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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