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Re: [cdt-dev] Build standalone Eclipse with CDT and custom plugins, command line

On Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 06:38:27PM +0200, Clément Hurlin wrote:
> Dear CDT developers,
>   A few months ago I requested guidance from regarding generating
> .cproject files from the command line. This project is now deployed
> internally and users are happily generating CDT configurations (from a
> web service backed up by command line) specifically tuned for the
> products we develop at Prove&Run \o/
>   I'm writing to you /again/ because we would now like to send *complete
> installations of Eclipse*, including the CDT as well as a few custom
> plugins; to customers so that they are gently introduced to the code we
> ship to them. However, I don't understand how to do that. I know how to
> build standalone Eclipse using tycho *by using .product files*. But this
> mechanism requires to have a *product to point to*. In my case I don't
> have a product, simply a list of RCP plugins (or features, which we use
> to build standalone update sites).
>   In other words I'd like to build a vanilla installation of the CDT
> augmented with our custom plugins; exactly as if I had taken a vanilla
> installation and manually installed our plugins from an update site. Do
> you have any pointer on *how to do that from the command line*?
> Best regards,
> Thanks for your hard work on the CDT,
> Clément Hurlin

 I believe you are looking for Oomph. This is a pretty decent write-up

Austin Morgan

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