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Re: [cdt-dev] Some questions about CDT

Nathan, I'm trying to work on this topic. Changing the ValueFactory to evaluate only const variables is easy, but I'm having problems for C++ because the ICPPEvaluation code is involved and it's not really clear to me where it's needed to modify the check, i.e. if we have a single point of check or we need to modify several classes. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Il 19/06/19 20:02, Nathan Ridge ha scritto:
1) Bug 545877 - Don't take into account init var values in CFG: CDT
Codan doesn't implement a data flow analysis, it means some checks like
variable initialization, always true/false conditions, dead code, can't
be properly detected. With my commit I just restricted the "scope",
Codan is more reliable about these cases because at the end it takes
these decisions only if the variable is const. Sometimes ago Elena
Laskavaia said that she was not really agree with this kind of policy,
but it seems Elena abandoned CDT project (if you read this message, your
feedback is welcome!). Actually I'm not agree with her point of view but
it's just my opinion. So the question: what we want to do here? If the
current policy is ok for the community I can abandon my commit.

My opinion on this is that we should only report the initial value of a variable as its current value if the variable is constant, and that we should do this consistently, rather than having conditional logic to e.g. only do this for CFG building.

If anyone feels strongly that the status quo behaviour (where we always report the initial value of a variable as its current value) is preferable, please speak up in this thread.

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