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[cdt-dev] New github repo cdt-vscode

Hey gang,

To push forward our strategy for the New CDT, I have created another github repo, cdt-vscode. This will contain our main VSCode extension.

To refresh everyone, the objective is to take all the great knowledge we've built up over the years on how to build an industry leading C/C++ IDE and take it beyond it's Eclipse IDE roots to support other IDEs. The first of those is Visual Studio Code, which from what I understand, will now also be used in Theia which is adding support for VS Code extensions.

While doing that, we'll leverage the new IDE architecture with the language server protocol and the debug adapter protocol to create common components that can then be used back in our Eclipse IDE plug-ins to leverage all this great work going forward there as well.

We have a great start on the cdt-gdb-adapter for gdb debugging. We, or at least Nate and I, have started engaging with the clangd community for the language server piece. Marc-Andre has been a long time contributor there as well.

The cdt-vscode extension will initially bring those two pieces together under the eclipse-cdt brand for VS Code users on the VS Code Marketplace.

Exciting times, and I look forward to working with all of you as we bring this vision to life.


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