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Re: [cdt-dev] PlatformIO

In the demo, he showed using Makefile projects to build. In theory those should have worked with the CDT indexer since we scan build output to determine the compile commands. Be interesting to find out why it didn't work. Though it is a sign of how unstable our old build system is and why Core Build is so important.


On Mon, 2018-12-03 at 21:05 +0100, Jan Baeyens wrote:

We have a good boardmanager and llibrary manager and 500+ "Arduino boards" working out of the box with CDT when using Sloeber.
ESP32 works great with Sloeber.

PlatformIO contacted me some years ago to make platformIO work with Sloeber. I didn't do it in the end because we disagreed on the need to have the gcc compile commands available to sloeber/CDT. PlatformIO has its own build logic in a custom way of working and in those days they didn't want to expose the compile commands.
In other words for platformio eclipse is a C++ file editor (like notepad++) not a IDE. That is also why there are issues with the CDT indexer as they don't use CDT nor feed the gcc commands to CDT.

I'm always interested in user experiences comparing Sloeber to others like platformIO


Op 3/12/2018 om 20:35 schreef Doug Schaefer:
Hey J!

I haven't looked into it too much but yeah, the library and board management look pretty extensive.

We do have something like that with the CDT Arduino plug-ins. It is tied to Arduino though, where PlatformIO has so much more and remains general. Definitely have to try it with my little ESP32 garage door monitor project.

They do have Eclipse C/++ IDE support as it turns out. The founder gave a presentation on it a couple of years ago with the IoT Working Group.

Funny enough, but not, he had indexer issues in the demo. Be worth taking a look at that.


On Mon, 2018-12-03 at 12:23 -0600, J. Langley wrote:
I'm currently using PlatformIO with VS Code on Ubuntu for an Arduino  
application. I'm still using the serial output for debugging, and I  
don't know if there's a better way provided by PlatformIO.
The main reason that I'm using it is the build system it uses. I can  
find packages related to the peripheral devices that connect to my  
Arduino as well as packages for Wifi setup, MQTT, etc.  There's a tab  
in VS Code provided by PlatformIO where I can select the platform  
(ESP32), the framework (Arduino vs FreeRTOS), and any packages  
(version specific) that I want to pull in. I can even specify a  
specific branch/tag of a github repo if I need to do some  
extra-special stuff.
During the build, it pulls the packages into some internal directory  
and updates my build paths to pick up the headers and libraries. I was  
up and running with an MQTT application in less than 15 minutes.
If I could do this with Eclipse CDT, I would. It has the same feel as  
using maven on the Java side.
Quoting Doug Schaefer <dschaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hey gang,
Just wondering if anyone has experience with PlatformIO?
It's been interesting walking through they're history of IDE  
support, first supporting all the popular C/C++ IDE's including  
ours, adding in Cloud IDE support when that was exciting, but now  
focusing on branding their own IDE which at first was extensions to  
Atom but now focused on Visual Studio Code.
It piqued my interest since their IDE has a lot of the same features  
we're thinking of adding to our gdb adapter and extensions including  
memory and register views. Not sure there are any synergies to be  
had their but it might be worth exploring.
The other interesting aspect of their vscode extension is that it's  
based on Microsoft's cpptools extension. Part of my not so hidden  
agenda is to have CDT's vscode extension take over that role,  
especially for C/C++ tooling for embedded platforms and Linux our  
traditional CDT markets.
Anyway, gives me further confidence that we're making the right  
moves here addressing the needs of C/C++ developers who may or may  
not want to use the Eclipse IDE. And we have a great start on the  
gdb adapter and the vscode extension for it and looking forward to  
getting it running in the Eclipse IDE and Theia.

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