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[cdt-dev] PlatformIO

Hey gang,

Just wondering if anyone has experience with PlatformIO?

It's been interesting walking through they're history of IDE support, first supporting all the popular C/C++ IDE's including ours, adding in Cloud IDE support when that was exciting, but now focusing on branding their own IDE which at first was extensions to Atom but now focused on Visual Studio Code.

It piqued my interest since their IDE has a lot of the same features we're thinking of adding to our gdb adapter and extensions including memory and register views. Not sure there are any synergies to be had their but it might be worth exploring.

The other interesting aspect of their vscode extension is that it's based on Microsoft's cpptools extension. Part of my not so hidden agenda is to have CDT's vscode extension take over that role, especially for C/C++ tooling for embedded platforms and Linux our traditional CDT markets.

Anyway, gives me further confidence that we're making the right moves here addressing the needs of C/C++ developers who may or may not want to use the Eclipse IDE. And we have a great start on the gdb adapter and the vscode extension for it and looking forward to getting it running in the Eclipse IDE and Theia.


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