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[cdt-dev] Core Build New Project Wizard and Java 11 Issue

When I try to use the CDT and create a new Core Build project (meson or standard make), hitting the Finish button does nothing and the dialog sits there indefinitely.  If I use an old Managed Build project, it works ok when I create a Managed Make project.  Everything works if I use a Java 8 JVM.

Has anybody else tried this and seeing the same thing?

I see this both using the new 2018-12 M2 CPP EPP and starting up the CDT as a child Eclipse Application with all of CDT checked out in my workspace.  Unfortunately, my Java debugger also froze in the parent Eclipse so I didn't get to step through the Wizard.  When I initially debugged and paused all threads, I found that the dialog was sleeping.  I didn't notice anything holding locks that another thread was waiting for.

-- Jeff

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