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Re: [cdt-dev] Remove unnecessary plug-ins from CDT for committer eclipse package in order to get lighter launch of new eclipse instance

Hi Rushikesh,

I would recommend removing all projects except org.eclipse.cdt.ui,  o.e.c.core, o.e.c.managedbuilder.* and the  o.e.c.codan.* ones you want to use (keep the related test plug-ins so you can write tests too). You may have a few others that need to be kept as dependencies (maybe o.e.c.util/native). 

There is a list of suggested plug-ins to start with here:


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

On Tue, 9 Oct 2018 at 18:56, Rushikesh Kavar <kavarrushikesh1212@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Eclipse,

           I installed Eclipse Committer package with CDT using Oomph (product version -latest release and platform- photon). It automatically downloaded and installed many projects of CDT. for example org.eclipse.cdt.ui,org.eclipse.cdt.core, etc. Then i ran the org.eclipse.cdt.ui project.  It launched new Eclipse instance. then i went to check for update option in new launched eclipse instance. It showed a dialogue box saying that eclipse not properly setted up(I don't remember exact words but i know for sure that it is was a dialogue box suggesting an error). I want to know why it happened.

            Then i created new project (C++ project with makefile). Then i went to original eclipse instance from where i had launched experimental Eclipse instance. Suddenly My computer stuck . Then after could not work on project. I want a lightweight launch of new eclipse instance. As of now, i am only interested in codan bugs solving as suggested by Nathan because it is relatively easy for beginner. Which plugins should i remove to get lighter launch of new eclipse instance and how to remove them such that there will not dependency problems. Please guide me how should i proceed? Also suggest me technologies that i should learn in order to contribute in eclipse cdt project. I think , to solve codan bugs i only require analytical skill. If not then suggest me path of learning.

Sorry for bad my English.

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