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[cdt-dev] Request for respin of 9.5

Sorry gang, I proved to be too trusting and now need to revert a commit that was made for the Serial Port. It breaks the serial launch work flows used by the ESP32 here and it probably breaks Arduino. These are two things that I’d like to promote with the Eclipse C/C++ IDE for Photon.


Any objections?



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Subject: [cdt-dev] Candidate for 9.5.1


Hey gang, my friends at Espressif found a bug in Core Build with how GCCToolChain handles relative include paths at discovery time. But is here:


I have a fix in the system and it should be pushed to the 9.5 branch as soon as it passes testing. I’d like to get this out in time for when the ESP-IDF adds official CMake support. Not sure when that is but it could be an early 9.5.1. Let me know if you haven any concerns about that.


BTW, I have no interest other than personal here other than fixing GCCToolChain. The Adafruit Huzzah32 with Espressif’s ESP32 is a pretty nice hobbyist board and I have some home projects I want to work on . And I’ll be writing an article about it as an example of using the Eclipse C/C++ IDE’s now built-in CMake support with the Launch Bar and Serial Flash Target. Pretty cool stuff.




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