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[cdt-dev] question on integrating/extending the make/build process


   I've been working on performing tighter integration for a C based application I support from the
Eclipse CDT environment we use to support it.    We are migrating the source into a GIT supported
source control environment and want to automate as much as possible the build process.  

   I setup the application to be built into an RPM package, thus have a specfile that describes it.
When we do builds, typically, all that changes is the version (RELEASE and VERSION) vars
and change log entries describing what was modified.  To accomplish integrating this into the 
build process, I created a new tag in the Makefile and created a target in the eclipse process that
maps to it.  In the tag commands I prompt the dev for these data elements and massage the
specfile before a packaging build is done.

   Is this "normal" behaviour or is there a more elegant way of doing this using eclipse CDT?

thx for any insight/tips.


D. Wendell MacKenzie
Software Developer

Email: mackendw@xxxxxxxxx
Phone: 902-626-8708 (cell)

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