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[cdt-dev] Additional compiler options for gnu autotools project

Hello All,

I have created GNU Autotools ANSI C hello world project(

I want to pass additional compiler options like for ex: lpthread,  so I opened the project property dialog of the autotools project created before and moved to Autotools > Configure Settings > Then in Configure tree node selected Adanced tree node.  Here I have selected all compiler option checkboxes(line Debug(-g), Gprof support(-pg) etc) then added CFLAGS="-lpthread" string in the Additional command-line option text box.

After I run Reconfigure project, in make file I am getting CFLAGS = "-lpthread" other compiler options like -g, -pg were ignored. Is it a bug?

How I can pass additional compiler options along with the compiler options provided as GUI controls in autotools project property dialog?

Chandrayya G K

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