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Re: [cdt-dev] Thoughts on LSP / Clangd integration

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> Thanks for your thoughts Doug.
> > my gut tells me it may actually be less work to start a new editor
> Just to make sure I'm understanding correctly: do you mean a new editor to
> combine editor functions powered by LSP with editor functions powered by
> our existing parser, or a new editor for LSP functionality only?

That's a good question. I guess it should do both and we have a toggle that selects which system to use.

I just fear that the toggle will spread through a lot of code. For example, I've been looking at the refactorings we have. They'll all have to be totally redone which would mean each of the actions will have to look at the toggle to know what to do. How many other things do we have like that? Starting with a fresh new editor is a plan not to have to deal with that and just add features as they're ready.

Open to suggestions.

> Thanks,
> Nate
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