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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT call

Again sorry for the late notice. We did have Jeff Johnston and Scott Lewis on and we used it to go over the Docker remote build and debug that Jeff has been working on and Scott is looking at for Intel. As I think about it more, it is an interesting way to deliver toolchains (though personally I’d run gdb in the container too). If anyone else is interested, please feel free to chime in.


I think we can confirm that the next minor release will be in December for Oxygen.2 with Oxygen.1 taking the latest maintenance build from the 9.3 branch (I’ll do one more build at least to fix the feature version numbers). Oxygen.1 is about to go into release cycle already.


Also, Scott asked about contributions and I think it’s good to reiterate that if anyone has something they want to work on please feel free. The rest of the community is here to help answer questions and review changes and we’ll do the best we can to support you.





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I hate it when the first Tuesday is the first of the month. I always forget about setting up the CDT call.


At any rate, if you get this before the top of the hour, I’ll set it up. I have no agenda so we can use the time to sync up with eachother.



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