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[cdt-dev] RC4 Complete and next release

Hey gang,

They’ve shut off the aggregator for Oxygen so it looks like we’re done. Any fixes now will be done with a maintenance release which we can release at any time.

So I declare master open for the next release. I’ll tag the commit that went into RC4 so we can branch for maintenance releases when I get a chance. That likely won’t happen until next week. I’m off tomorrow.

At the end of it all, it’s really hit me how much I miss Marc and Marc-Andre’s help putting the releases together. But I’m glad it worked out that I was available when needed to get the bits together and the right +1s in place.

I will tell you now that I will not be available to do that in September for Oxygen.1. I’m happy to push the buttons to get maintenance releases and I can update Oxygen.1 to take the latest one available at that time. But I won’t be available to do CDT 9.4 in that timeframe. I have two other significant projects that will need my time along with my development work on CDT.

At the end, though, I will be happy to contribute again in the Oxygen.2 timeframe in December. If one of the committers would like to take over the builds and release management in Oxygen.1, I’d be happy to pass on what I know about doing that. Failing that, CDT 9.4 will be in December.

Thanks for everyone’s help getting this together. I’ll make another announcement when 9.3 has officially been released on the 28’th and I’ll let you know when the maintenance branch has been opened up.


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