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[cdt-dev] doubt about -gdb-set command

Dear All

I found CDT use

“287,636 15-gdb-set substitute-path /cygdrive/d D:\\”

To tell GDB to use D:\\ to replace / cygdrive/d,


But after that CDT use the window’s path to insert breakpoint:

333,498 41-break-insert -h -f D:/BOOT/system/src/cortexm/exception_handlers.c:34


I think GDB will mapping D:  to  /cygdrive/d,  and /cygdrive/d will be replaced by D:\\


So the path mapping /cygdrive/d<=>D:\\ is unused.



Best regards!
guosheng_gao 高国胜
Realsil Microelectronics Inc.
Tel: +86-512-6258-8966 ext.6617
E-Mail: guosheng_gao@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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