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Re: [cdt-dev] Release planning

In addition to the consideration of getting features in front of users sooner, which Jonah has touched on, I have found having two active branches and having to backport bugfixes to the old branch (which I want to do, to get bugfixes in front of users sooner) to be a fair deal of overhead, so from that point of view I think more frequent releases (and in particular, only having one active branch at a time) are better.

To be fair, I don't have a good measure of the amount of overhead / extra work involved in putting out a release, so it could be that that's the more significant consideration.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Release planning

Hey gang,

I’m just looking ahead on how to manage releases for the next while and would like your thoughts on it.

I have always thought releasing every three months just didn’t give us enough time to get the job done right, especially over the summer months. I think our Oxygen plan where we skipped Neon.3 really helped us focus.

As a result, I’d like us to continue with a 6 month release cycle. That would make 9.4 in December for Oxygen.2, and 9.5 for Photon next June and so on.

We can do maintenance releases any time and it probably makes sense to at least do ones for the .1 and .3 Eclipse releases.


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