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[cdt-dev] Full GDB Console / GDB's new-ui on Windows

Hello cdt-devers,

CDT 9.2 included the great new feature of a full GDB console[1]. At
the moment the limitation is this works for Linux and GDB 7.12+ only.

At various points over the last few months there has been discussion
about supporting this on Windows. Has anyone made any progress with
this? Is there a bug to track it? The most current information I can
find is[2]:

Marc Khouzam in Bug 303808 comment #7 said:
> Note that in
> org/eclipse/cdt/dsf/gdb/service/
> I've explicitly disabled the new console for Windows (see
> GDBBackend_7_12#isFullGdbConsoleSupported()).
> It would be nice if someone looked into it to see what is needed to make it
> work.
> The problem to fix is most probably in CDT's PTY support for Windows.
> Specifically, when the new GDBBackend_7_12#createPty() calls
> PTY#validateSlaveName(), the method throws an exception on Windows.  That
> would be the starting point for an investigation.

Before I spend additional time on this I wanted to make sure no one
had hit a dead end in this area.



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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