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[cdt-dev] Value of pointer not updated after allocation.



Recently I faced a problem where, the value of a pointer declared using typedef was not getting updated in the Variable View.


Int my_var=10;

typedef int *p_test_t;

p_test_t = &my_var;


After some googling, I found this bug ->


Now, it is mentioned in the link that, the side effects of removing isModifiable() is not known. Using the patch, solves the problem, but it makes every single entity inside a complex type update - able. This is a concern if the complex type is a struct with a million arrays, then, the variable view takes forever to load.


Is there a way to study the side effects and provide a more elegant solution to the bug?




Sai Krishna Tati Pati   |   Software Engineer II

P: 020 6707 3500   M: 8412094712



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